Google Root Certificate Authority

What more could be the happier moment for Google as it has now finally launched its own root Certificate Authority (CA). Google has taken several steps and approached to make web a better place for its users.

HTTPS increase page rankEarlier we have seen a measure taken by Google where they have focussed more on HTTPS and providing support to the sites that are using HTTPS, a secure communication protocol. Google also gave more preference to the HTTPS sites in its search ranking. Now with all those features implemented Google Chrome, a browser by Google, can actually tell which sites are secure and which are not and give users a warning message if all the pages of the sites are not secure.

However, Google has been relying on an intermediate Certificate Authority (Google Internet Authority G2 – GIAG2) issue by a third party, with the latest vendors being the GlobalSign and GeoTrust, which manages and deploys certificates to Google’s products and services. Now with Google’s own Root Certificate Authority it doesn’t require any third-party security certificates to deploy in its products and services.

Google on Thursday has announced its own certified and independent Root Certificate Authority called Google Trust Services, allowing the company to issue its own TLS/SSL certificates for securing its web traffic via HTTPS, instead of relying on third-party certificates.