Lockerpin Ransomware

In the world of cyber security where researchers are continuously securing organizations and big giants from cyber threats or ransomware, hackers probably the blackhat ones are also constantly evolving themselves to target more and more advanced technology to come to their knees.

These days where mass spreading of ransomware is taking place where it was targeting only to desktops and computers earlier but now hackers have started spreading these ransomwares to smartphones also. We all have smartphones where we try to keep our content safe from others by enabling the lock screen PIN. But you are no longer secure from this PIN anymore as hackers are spreading a piece of ransomware to your mobile that has the capability to hijack your smartphone PIN and encrypt all your files.

Your fake antiviruses can be ransomware. Beware !!

In the recent news, a group of security researchers has discovered a malware or ransomware that is capable of resetting the PIN code on a mobile phone without the user’s knowledge and prevents them from accessing its mobile phone.

A PIN-locking malware, called “LockerPin” alias Android/Lockerpin.A, changes the infected device’s lock screen PIN code and leaves the victim with the secured mobile screen that asks for a $500 (€450) ransom in return for their data to be released by hackers.

Last year only a similar ransomware called, “SmartLock” invaded into the smartphones of many of its victims.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. I’m Infected! How Do I Get Rid Of This LockerPin Malware?

Well, frankly speaking, there is no possible way to get rid of this LockerPin malware. But the only option left with you is to perform a full factory reset of your phone.

Note: – that this will wipe all your data from your phone and will reset your phone to the one that you received originally. Make sure you have all your necessary data as a backup before performing the reset.

2. How To Stay Protected From This Type Of Ransomware?

Well, this is actually the most serious concern and to not get caught in the prey of these ransomware, I recommend you to never download apps from another source other than the official repository. Download the apps only from official Google Play Store.

What happens is that most people gets the lure into the full version of an application and so they download the crack version from other sources. This will give them some sort of relief, but it will do more harm than good. Sometimes people download cracked version of popular antiviruses from outside sources in order to protect their phone from malware and viruses but you should keep in mind that nobody offers you something for free, everybody needs something in return.

3. How Do I Stay Prepared In Advance If I Get Infected?

I would suggest you to take necessary backups (data, messages, call logs, images, etc.) of your phone from time to time. Other than your android’s stock backup app, there are many different backup apps available from Google Play like DropBox, CM Backup, Go Backup & Restore Pro, Google Photos. I personally like Dropbox because of one of its features that it runs in the background all the time and whenever you have some new images or screenshots in your phone, it will automatically upload it to the cloud. You can try some of the combination of these apps.

It’s a good thing to keeps all your important data backed up because you never know when something bad can occur to you.

4. What Best Free Antivirus I Should Install In Order To Stay Protected?

Many of them wants to stay secure by keeping their stuff secure whether it is in your phone, desktop or tablet but not all of them know about the antiviruses that give the best performance in wiping out the unknown viruses.

Well, there are lots of popular free antiviruses in the Play Store but only some of them are known for good. To name it few we have Avast, AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes etc.. I have tried many antiviruses since I got my HTC One 2 years back. But now I am using Lookout Mobile Security and Malwarebytes AntiMalware from since a year. These two are working pretty good and giving me the best security to my smartphone plus they have additional features which I won’t be talking about here.

Try some of these antiviruses for a couple of days and decide which one you want to use it forever.

Taking above precautions will not fully protect you from these ransomwares/malwares but it can provide you the maximum protection to fight these.