PayPal Accepts Bitcoin

To remind you PayPal is one of the online e-commerce company that sends and accepts payments over the internet. Earlier PayPal announced OneTouch mobile payment solutions last month. It’s almost ready and CEO of Braintree has announced that customers with the PayPal app will have access to mobile payments starting from 8th of September, 2014. In addition, PayPal has announced that Braintree has partnered with Coinbase to offer a secure and trusted way for the people to make payments with bitcoin. This would really be the new experience in making payments.

What to Expect:-

The apps like, ParkWhiz, StubHub, Type Tees by Threadless and many others have integrated with OneTouch and will be rolling out the new versions very soon. With OneTouch, a single touch is all they need through which people can make payments across their favourite apps, eliminating the need for usernames and passwords for everytime you make payment while PayPal maintains the trust and security that we all expect.

[SOURCE: PayPal]