Ad-Free YouTube

Google Inc. which owns the popular online video service YouTube, is now planning to offer a paid ad-free youtube video subscription to its viewers. You might remember that sometimes you have to watch a 30 seconds ad in between the video and can continue with the video after the ad gets complete. But soon, you may be able to bypass these advertisements and yes everything is set for a price.

Though YouTube may still give its viewers the option to watch ad-free youtube videos for a free, but now it will have the option to remove ads. According to the top executive at Internet giant, this move would represent a significant change for the world’s No.1 video website.

The newly appointed head of YouTube Susan Wojcicki on Monday at Recode Mobile Conference explained that the company is experimenting with the paid subscription model of the online video service that will allow viewers to access it without ads. Ms Wojcicki said during the conference.

“It’s near term,” Ms Wojcicki said “There are going to be cases where people are going to say “I don’t want to see the ads.”

Ms Wojcicki, a Google executive who spent years on the advertising side of the company. She took over YouTube this year and has been looking for ways to generate more revenue and profit from video service site YouTube.

In May 2013, YouTube launched a programme that allowed individuals or content providers to create their own subscription-based channels on the video site. This will then allow video creators to charge a small subscription fee to watch their content. Wojcicki on Monday described a broader subscription service in which consumers would pay to access to an ad-free version of YouTube’s large collection of videos.

YouTube is starting to approach the content partners to be the part of its subscription plan that will focus on specific type of content. There will always be music available on YouTube for free with ads. But there will also be the paid subscription version of the YouTube in which the ads are not included and may offer additional features.

YouTube has yet to release its music service. Ms Wojcicki on Monday said that she remains “optimistic about seeing it soon” but not sure whether it will be available this year.